The Bald Man

Art has always been of interest to me, but I have never felt free to pursue using my hands in this way, because I was either too busy with other things or believed the lie that you can’t make any money making art.

I have allowed it to be something to calm me and give me a break from the stress of my work in marriageĀ ministry. This has proven very helpful for many reasons.

But, let me explain how this all really happened. All of this has been clearly placed in my lap by my good Father in Heaven, because I wasn’t looking for or even really interested in making art. In a strange run of events, I was sold about 700 pounds of scrap leather for nearly nothing by Joe, my Amish co-worker. While playing with the leather and my knife and trying to create a feather out of leather, I accidentally nicked the leather and found that I could create different shades by etching into the leather. By the time the next hour or so was done, I had created what you see on the right.

I was blown away. Over the next week, I took the knife and began experimenting. Within about three weeks of cutting, scraping, and manipulating the leather, I had created this piece out of scraps of leather.

I was beginning to see that the limits were only what I allowed them to be. The potential of using leather to create pieces that people would like was beginning to come into view. So between calls, writing, and counseling, I found myself etching constantly.

Since those days, I’ve begun making custom leather guitar straps, custom leather gun straps, custom art for people’s homes, and custom signs and decor for businesses. I’m in the process of designing several custom pieces for various businesses and seeing tremendous potential to create very unique pieces of art that both catch the eye and represent the businesses well.

I do this all on the side. First and foremost, I am a son of God. He leads my every step, and I am very intentional in following His steps. I have never regretted a decision to obey Him. He’s blessed me with my beautiful wife, Lisa, and together we are the parents of five beautiful children. Their names are Malachi, Caitlyn, Josiah, Annabelle, and Enoch. The whole family is incredibly supportive of this endeavor to create, and my work has actually ended up becoming a part of our kids home-schooling as I teach arts and crafts to them.

Enough about me. I want to create for you. Look through the site and decide what you can’t live without. I’m not scared of trying just about anything, and am only restricted by my morals. Please know ahead of time that I won’t create anything that wouldn’t represent my Father well.

Contact me if you would like to own one of Bald Man’s Markings. I would love to scratch a hide just for you!


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